Monday, December 26, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Our last artificial Christmas Tree!
Kim and I are celebrating our last Christmas in the Bay Area and are very busy preparing for our move to Sundog Ranch in late Spring of 2012.

First and foremost, we are working on our physical fitness.  See our new Health and Wellness page for details!

We are also working on our ranch improvement plans.  We have a lot of work ahead, I'm afraid.  In addition to redoing most of our electrical wiring in the house, barn and garage, we also need to replace our gas fireplace with a wood burning one; look into adding a wood burning boiler for heating the garage, barn and other outbuildings so our animals don't freeze; replace all our roofs; and fix the break in our water line so the animals in the barn have water.  We will also be refurbishing the house by replacing kitchen cabinets and appliances, updating both bathrooms, repainting all the walls (inside and out), and updating the floor coverings.

Let us know if you want to help!  In the mean time, may New Year's Day find you and your loved ones happy and healthy, and may 2012 bring you a series of wonderful surprises!

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