Sunday, March 18, 2012

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

Recent target practice with a Glock, 17 shots/17 hits!
Hand guns and rifles are among the many tools that Kim and I are becoming proficient with in preparation for ranch life (much to the relief of my father and brothers).

While they are thinking of our safety from imaginary marauding bands of cutthroats, Kim and I are more concerned about protecting our livestock (and ourselves) from four-legged predators like foxes, raccoons, wolves, lions, and bears (which really are there and might very much like a chicken dinner).

However, what can be imagined can also become reality.  Though we are fortunate to be moving to an area that has had little but petty thievery  in its history, it pays to be prepared, and it never hurts to have skills even if you never have to put them to the test.

So, in the spirit of "the disasters you are prepared for never happen", we are becoming proficient at handling and shooting a variety of guns, as well as learning other less lethal home self-defense skills and strategies.  My instructors tell me I have an aptitude for it, though I am not sure how to take that.

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