Saturday, March 24, 2012

What About Fire?

Perhaps our biggest safety concern in the mountains (surrounded by pines and not much else) is FIRE.  We do have a fire station just up the road that is manned during the summer, but there is a lot of forest, and professional help can only go so far.

Reading up on this, it appears we have two choices in the case of fire:  abandon the property or stay and fight.  Though staying to fight sounds dangerous, lots of people are killed abandoning their property because their exit route can be cut off by another fire.  There is only one paved exit off our mountain, and it is long and winding.  So, there will be no sprinting to safety.  The thought of trying to leave that way also makes me uncomfortable as we will have no idea what waits for us down the hill.

However, Kim has asthma, and the merest whiff of smoke can cause problems for her.  I cannot fight a fire on the ranch without her help, so any plan we have will need to address this.

Finally, we will have a lot of lives to protect when you consider our dogs, horses, chickens, and perhaps a few cows and pigs.  Too many lives to haul down the mountain in one trip.  So, staying to fight may be the only strategy I can live with, and I suspect that, in the end, saving our buildings will be the key to everything.

So, I will be researching strategies and opportunities over time and recording my findings under "Fire Protection".  Please take a look if you are interested in this topic, and if you have anything to to add, please comment!

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