Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're Here!!!

Kim and I have finally moved in at Sundog Ranch.  It has been a long time coming, and we could not be happier.

Life in the country is wonderful.  We have been especially impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of neighbors as far as 40 miles away!  Here are just a few of our experiences:

Horse Trailer Breakdown:  Kim and I were hauling our newly renovated horse trailer to Sundog when, just 40 miles from our destination, it broke a hub.  We were very glad we only had household goods, not horses, in the trailer.  The second bit of good news is that we broke down right across the street from the Triple J Ranch, whose staff and owner came to our rescue by moving the trailer to a safe place at the ranch and giving us the name of a great mechanic who could fix it.  It is being repaired as I type. 

Tire Repair:  Kim's beloved Gator ran over a screw last week and decided to keep it embeded in one of its tires. We noticed it when all the air ran out.  No matter.  We took the flat tire to Less Schwab in Alturas.  To our surprise, they repaired it for free!

The Wave:  There is a lovely habit in the country.  When you pass another car face-to-face on the road, you waive. Simple.  Lovely. Friendly. Hard to get in the habit of when you come from the crazy, impersonal freeways of the big city, but our new neighbors are teaching us by example.

Tom, Our UPS Driver, Stopped By To Welcome Us to the Neighborhood!:  Well, that is the whole story, but we think it is extraordinary.  Kim is a retired UPS Driver, and she was known for her friendly and helpful ways. She would often take her breaks while visiting with her customers and their dogs (her weakness), but we are a long way up the hill for the UPS driver to just "stop by"! We told him to call ahead next time and we would send him away with some fresh mountain spring water or a cup of coffee. We can do "country friendly" too!

Driving a Skid Loader:  The latest adventure has been with heavy equipment.   We hired a great local company, A&M Plumbing, to repair a variety of plumbing problems on site.  One of these  involves digging a 150 foot long trench to reconnect the barn with our water supply.  Billy, the owner of A&M Plumbing, has been driving his family's back hoes and skid loaders since he was 10 years old.  He is a whiz on this stuff, and he shared the fun by allowing me to jump on his skid loader and take it for a spin!  Life is good in retirement land!

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  1. A 150-foot long trench digging needs someone who knows the job very well. I can't imagine how good Billy is; he's driving since he was 10 years old! Driving heavy equipment is definitely exciting because it's not everyday that you get to drive one. Glad to know that he allowed you to take it for a spin. Good luck on the ranch!

    Patria William @Red Bull Equipment