Monday, August 20, 2012

Cheveyo and Kahuna Kai Arrive August 25th

Kim and I had a great time in Reno this weekend at the Wild Horse and Burro Expo.  We traveled there specifically to pick out our new horses.

As many of you know, wild horses are gathered from public lands by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) when their numbers exceed the carrying capacity of the land.  The BLM contracts with a variety of people to care for, and in some cases train, these horses in preparation for adoption.

One of the best programs we have found for training is offered by the Warm Springs Correctional Center in Carson City, Nevada.  Inmates participate in a program to learn how to care for and train wild horses using natural horsemanship training principles (not all programs use these gentler training techniques).

Kim and I traveled to Carson City earlier in the year to witness how well the horses were trained before they were adopted out, and came away VERY impressed.  This weekend, we checked out their latest graduates and found two that were perfect for us!

Cheveyo with his trainer, Ken
The horse I adopted was named Oreo Cookie by his trainer (Ken) since he is a chocolate brown Appaloosa with a white blanket.  However, his slight roman nose, stocky build, and white blanket dappled with black spots remind me of an American Indian war pony.  Since this rugged look contrasts sharply with his gentle and calm nature, I decided to change his name to Cheveyo, which is Hopi for "Spirit Warrior".

Kim adopted a beautiful Buckskin who was named "Big Kahuna" by his Hawaiian trainer, Ryan.  Big Kahuna means "the best of the best" in Hawaiian. A very fitting name for this wonderful horse, but Kim wanted to emphasize the magic he weaves over everyone who meets him, so he will now be known as Kahuna Kai, which means "Wizard !" in Hawaiian.  I was not at all surprised that Kim ended up with a horse touched in some way by Hawaii as it is her favorite place in all the world.  Perhaps she should have named her new boy Kismet!

Kahuna Kai with his new love, Kim

The Barn Is Nearing Completion!

Ever since we arrived we have been working on renovating our barn.  Previous owners had added a loft apartment that was poorly constructed, and allowed the foundation to become undermined.  The electrical system  had been eaten by pack rats and the water line had frozen and burst the pipes as well. 

New foundation being poured

Concrete floors go in for tack room and office
All of these problems have now been  corrected and a new roof is going on as I type.  Good thing, because our horses are arriving next Saturday!
Tear out of the upstairs apartment is nearly complete

New shear panel and vapor barrier go on