Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Buckeye Chickens Are Five Weeks Old!

Our eggs arrive safely!
Today marks the five week birthday of our Buckeye chicks. 

They came to us still snug in their eggs, wrapped in bubble-wrap and nestled in shredded newspaper from Crains Run Ranch in Ohio.  Judging from the box, the Post Office did their best to shake them up, which definitely reduced their viability, but no eggs were broken, and 10 out of 24 managed to hatch and survive their first few days.  I am told that this is considered a GREAT hatch from mail-order eggs. 
Eggs in the incubator with automatic rocker and humidity sensor
22 days later they start to hatch
Then into the brooder to stay warm while they grow
This is the first hatch-ling (shown above) at 2 days old
10 days old (getting feathers!!)

Four weeks old (head feathers coming in)
17 days old (tail and shoulder feathers!)

So, my ten little peeps are in the brooder right now and in the next two weeks they will be ready to get out and stretch their legs.  I  hope to have their coop ready in the barn by then. 


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