Fun and Games

Rainbow Trout from a local pond nearby
People have asked what we are going to do to keep ourselves entertained on the Ranch.  "Aren't you going to be bored?" is often the question.  "I doubt it!", is my response.

Kim and I plan to explore hundreds of acers of National Forest on horse-back, raise miniature cows and heritage chickens, figure out how to grow food in only a 90 day growing season, fish the ponds that surround the property, read, play cards, play on the Internet, entertain friends and learn about the wild plants and animals that abound here.  We might even figure out how to go on a trip or two (if we can find folks who will look after our menagerie while we are gone!).

Tulip and Spirit hunt for rodents

When all else fails, we can watch our dogs have fun!

No, I think we will have plenty to do in our "retirement"!