Sundog Permaculture

Kim and I are learning about permaculture and how to apply its principles to our life at Sundog.  I have been working with many of these principles all my life, but have never had the time or the place to put them into practice as one large-scale system.  I can't wait to get started!!!

To better understand what we will be attempting to do at Sundog, let me give you a little introduction:   

"Permaculture" is a contraction of "permanent" and "agriculture", and refers to agricultural systems that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and ethically sound.   In other words, in a permaculture you want to:

1.  Maximize the use of naturally available resources, including energy sources (solar, wood, water, wind, etc), land forms (including hills, ponds, streams, and valleys), and plants and animals (both wild and domestic).

2.  Minimize the importation of outside resources, especially resources that cost a great deal of money, use a great deal of non-renewable energy, are not renewable themselves, or are environmentally harmful.

3. Maximize the use of natural interactions among and between plants, animals, and the land to create a healthy self-perpetuating system that requires very little human labor or interference.

4. Eliminate unnatural requirements.  That is, do not require any living thing to do something that is not natural to them (cows do not eat corn; grains are not genetically modified; chickens are not restricted to a vegan diet).     

The implementation of these principles depend on the resources available to any given site and the goals of the site developer.